The Financial Coach Approach


Money must always be viewed as to its purpose. With this in mind, we work hard to construct unique tax efficient strategies to help you fund your retirement, your children’s education, and other important financial goals like charitable gifting. We have coached hundreds of people.

We use a five-step process called The Financial Coach Approach, a proprietary program developed to help you focus on, and clarify lifestyle and financial goals in a way that allows you to live a life that is more balanced.

The Financial Coach Approach is a process designed to help you identify the dangers you wish to eliminate, discover the strengths you wish to build upon, and focus on the opportunities of which you would like to take advantage.

We will listen to your hopes and dreams for the future and provide solutions to help you get where you want to be.


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Discovery Process

We discover everything about you. We want to know where you are in life right now and where you are headed in your future. We expose your areas of weakness & identify strengths.

Financial Strategy

We provide you with a strategy report based on your unique situation. We address how to go forward to get to where you need to be and how to secure your future.

Investment Policy Statement

An IPS document outlines our discussions about your general investment goals and objectives, your risk tolerance, your asset allocation, & your liquidity requirements.

Asset Allocation Analysis

Review your current financial allocation and investments. After an analysis, provide you with a reallocation proposal with models for future investments.

Future Focus Format

Back to square one – periodically review your situation, your investments & plans for the future. Make adjustments to your portfolio with consideration to any life changes.